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Everything you need to know about Sciatica!

What is Sciatica?

It Is most probably known as back related leg pain. Sciatica is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom. It is leg pain as a result of Nerve root irritation or pathology in your back. The medical term for Sciatica is radiculopathy.

What causes the nerve irritation?

1.Direct compression on the Neve

2.Inflammatory reaction: when you have damaged your disc inflammatory mediators inside your disc become active to heal the damage and your nerve will swollen as a result of that

3.Scar tissue put pressure on the nerve and also can impact the blood flow and give you sciatica symptoms

What is the prevalence of Sciatica?

Highest prevalence is in males between 30-50. Male to female ratio is 2:1 Researchers believe that it is more common in males due to occupation. Truck drivers, manual labor and any occupation with heavy lifting and/or vibration are at higher risk.

What are modifiable risk factors?

Smoking, obesity, occupation ( physical labor, heavy lifting, lots of vibration).

Estimated heredity is 21%.

What can you do?

-Avoid bed rest and sitting

-Extension exercise

-Modified Yoga ( avoid flexion poses)

-Manual therapy ( Adjustment, Mobilization, Soft Tissue Therapy)

-Icing for 20-25 minutes on low back

-Sleeping on the side with a pillow in between the knees

I have low back pain. What should i do now?

when it comes to low back pain, early detection is the key. It is also important to rule out any red flags. If you are experiencing low back and/or leg pain contact us. You can book your appointment here:

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