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Re-claim your power

I was looking for a picture on my laptop and I came across this picture:

I remembered her tiny wrinkled toes after bath. I remembered watching her sleeping. You know, #stalkermom style 🤣 But I remembered something else too...

I remembered feeling powerlessness. Giving birth for me was far from beautiful. It took me a year to recover from my pregnancy and I am still not sure if I have fully recovered, BUT early on I decided to increase my knowledge of female care as much as possible and connect with other like-minded health practitioners to build a community in which motherhood is EMPOWERING AND BEAUTIFUL. I created The Health House to give women like you-and-me everything we need to feel healthy, beautiful, sexy, and confident again. . When mothers reclaim their power I believe they can do anything. Join the community that you trust and reclaim your p o w e r.

#motherhood #reclaimyourpower #chiropractor

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