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Use It Or Lose It

{E N D O F T H E Y E A R}

Save money on Treatments you need

If you need a particular treatment for your pains and aches, this is the perfect time to use your benefits for. Depending on what health benefits you have left, you might be able to get a majority of the treatments done before the year’s end.

If your remaining benefits cover only part of your care plan that you need, you might be able to have some work done before the year’s end and delay the rest of the work until next year when your benefits reset.

If you don’t need any specific work done, putting any remaining chiropractic benefits you have toward preventive care is a good idea. Preventive care can also be woking on perfecting your posture before it causes you problem. Who has time to be in pain anyways?


You can Contact us your preferred times and days and we will make sure to get you in as soon as possible or use the link to book online:

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