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Sex and Back pain

According to Statistics Canada, four of every five people will experience at least one episode of disabling low back pain in their lifetime. Up to 84 per cent of men and 73 per cent of women with low back pain report a significant decrease in the frequency of intercourse.

The study suggests that women who are extension-intolerant, meaning those whose back pain is made worse by arching their backs or lying on their stomachs, for example, replace spooning with the missionary position. Adding a low-back support, such as a pillow, can also help keep the spine in a more neutral position. For women who are flexion-intolerant, typically those whose back pain is made worse by touching their toes or sitting for long periods of time, spooning or doggy-style sex where the woman is supporting her upper body with her hands, not her elbows is recommended.

Pain is never normal. Talk to your health practitioners to help you with your low back pain. Here is the link to the guideline: . . #lowbackpain#sensitivecontent#chiropractic#wellness#mobility#acupuncture#healthymoms#healthyfamily#burlington#burlon#burlont#hamilton#hamont#empoweringwomen#womenempoweringwomen#mamapreneur

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