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Does good posture really matter?

“The age of a man is not measured by years but by the flexibility of his spine.”

Good, upright posture is not only good for healthy breathing.

It helps you with:

  • Higher self esteem

  • Better mood

  • Lower fear

  • Better able to deal with stress

  • Improve circulation

  • Less wear-and-tear on joints

A group at the psychology department at the University of Auckland, New Zealand looked at the effects of up-right posture (as compared to slouched posture) on young healthy peoples’ resilience to cope with a stressful reading task.

The study results clearly showed that when these people were held in an upright ‘good’ posture they could cope with the stressful task much better than if they were held in a slouched position during the task.

Book your initial appointment now to get yourself out of pain and perfect your posture.

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